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At Eastern Printhead Repair, Inc. we employ proven technology and techniques to control costs and maximize production. For you, the customer, this means lower cost and a quicker turnaround time!

This image shows us cutting a prototype for a pin guide with a CNC wire EDM. Upon completion it will be accurate to 0.000001 of an inch. We also fabricate other parts which eliminates the need to rely on outsourcing. This assures you we can get the job done quickly and with a high level of quality.

We also use a ruby red laser spot welder to assist in the repair of printheads. This machine allows us to conduct the types of repair needed to fully recondition a printhead on a microscopic level.


Our extensive machine shop allows us to fabricate, repair, and/or recondition worn or broken parts. This also allows all repair processes to remain in-house and eliminate  out-sourcing, therefore resulting in faster turnaround time.